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Cruel Noise Episode 139

THEE OFFICIAL SKULL FEST PODCAST. Support these bands by going to see them when they play and buying their records etc.


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Parasytes - Boxed In   

Negativ - N.A.T.  

Khiis - Tokhme Sag  

Lupus - Paranoia  

BB Eye - Marinated Toe  

Iron Wind - Ready To Fight  

Kollission - Cretins    


Ritual Howls - Zemmoa  

American Nudism - Future Shock  

Sisters of Shaddowwe - Beckoner  

Death Instinct - Sacrifice    


Agent - Heat  

Killer Of Sheep - Lose Control  

Reason of Insanity - Not So Fucking Brite  

Drug Lust - Absolut Failure/No One Is Home  

Protes Bengt - Paskatamning/Vattenkammad/Jojo-punks  

Annihilation Time - About To Snap  

Cro-Mags - Hard Times    

The Proletariat - Allegiance  

The F.U.'s - Peer Police  

Sadist - Climb  

Haram - The Prophet  

Mueco - Mindless Instinct   

Mati - Όπως Δίποτα  

Beta Boys - Laugh/Cry  

S.L.I.P. - Mental Abuse    


Mob 47 - Fuck Bowie  

Lebenden Toten - At The Window  

Isotope - Wake Up Screaming  

Blood Pressure - Kick The Ladder  

Arctic Flowers - Magdalene  

Pleasure Leftists - Elephant Man  

Pawns - Damascus  

Dame - Glitch  

Silent Age - No Games To Play    


Impalers - Mower  

Vile Gash - Parasitic  

Petite - Spent Force  

PMS 84 - Security  

No Time - Reprobate  

Machine Gun - Outcast  

Peace Talks - Vanity  

Kim Phuc - Thug  

Dark Thoughts - Psycho Ward  

Stiff Love - Out of Control    

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