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Cruel Noise Episode 78


  • Bad Noids- Into the Future/Twelve Years Old/My Friend Greg
    Vanilla Poppers- Rock Bottom
    The Safeties- Evidence
    Diva Cup- Jabberjaw

    Danny Brown- Really Doe
    Ghostface Killah- Sour Soul
    Andre Nickatina- Baking Soda In Minnesota
    Big Pun- Banned From T.V.
    Notorious BIG- Let's Get It On

    Mark Cone- Come On Aileen
    Nancy- (I'm A) Man
    Mongoloid- Slam Pig
    N.E.G.- Wasted
    86 Gemini- Life Goes Stagnant
    Gazm- Fuck You
    Video Filth- Held Down
    Ladron- No Es Tu Tierra
    Haram- (The Insane)

    Warrior Kids- Personne
    Raff- Ne Crois Pas
    Snix- Madou
    Traitre- La Mort
    Rixe- Coups Blessures

    Neo Punx- If I Watch TV
    Snot Puppies- TV Tantrum
    The Action- TV's On the Blink
    Crisis- On TV
    The Victims- TV Freak

    TV Freaks- Leeches
    The Scabs- Leave Me Alone
    Easy Cure(The Cure)- I Want To Be Old
    The Straps- Brixton
    The Cryers- (It's Gonna Be) A Heartbreaker
    The Records- Starry Eyes

    C.W. Stoneking- Tomorrow Gon' Be Too Late
    KISS- Tomorrow and Tonight
    KISS- Makin' Love
    Shania Twain- You're Still the One
    Vanessa Williams- Save the Best For Last

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