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Cruel Noise Episode 79

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  • G.L.O.S.S.- Fight
    Enamel- We Won't Smile
    Vanilla Poppers- Rock Bottom
    Leather Daddy- At Night
    Firewalker- Scorcher
    La Misma- Fado
    Patsy- Tuley Tude High

    Screaming Sneakers- Violent Days
    Legal Weapon- Hostility
    Jane Aire & The Belvederes- When I Was Young
    The Shivers- Please Stand By
    Red Cross- Standing In Front Of Poseur
    U.X.A.- No Time

    Empty Beings- Culture Shock
    Free Clinic- Sleighin'
    Fuk Boiz- Shopping
    Love Potion- Everyday Threat
    Peace Talks The Electric Word Life Band- Spider Farm
    Zeitgeist- Dark Days

    Warm Bodies- Turn Me Into Gel
    C.C.T.V.- Schaumburg Song
    Frau- Punk Is My Boyfriend
    Pox- Out Of Time
    Nots- Decadence
    Body Pressure- Reject
    Blank Spell- Echo Chamber
    Vexx- Black/White

    Belgrado- Nierealne Realne Spoleczenstwo
    Arctic Flowers- Magdalene
    Detectors- La Ciutat No Es Per Mi
    Red Scare- Red Rum
    Baroque Bordello- Put It Down

    Sado-Nation- Mom & Pop Democracy
    Gas- World Peace
    The Comes- Panic
    Der Rib- Images
    Warriors- Born To Ride
    The Questions- Take A Ride

    Ciara- Oh feat Ludacris
    Nancy & Lee- Some Velvet Morning
    Sheryl Crow- Picture (Kid Rock Feat Sheryl Crow)

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