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Episode 100

Thanks to everyone who has listened in the past days, months and years. Special shout out to those who have sent hate mail and all of those who listen internationally. As always support these bands by buying their records and going to see them live when they come to your town.
What music out there am I missing? Email me at what I should be listening to.


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Nosferatu - Approximation
Kombat - Kombat/Brain on Fire
Sow - Demo sogn 1
Druj - Scaphist
Innocent - Beyond Control
Tarantula - Pulverized By PCP
Gutter - Harassment 24/7
Aggression Pact - Shame
Primitive Blast - No Youth/No Use

Suburban Lawns - Janitor
Crisis - UK78
Ground Zero - Controversy
Feederz - Burn Warehouse Burn
Suspense - Crazy Sod
4/4 - All Wound Up
The Reds - Victims
The Features - Drab City

h100s - Panic Attack
The Guns - I'm Not Right
The Dark - Get Out
Styrenes - Jaguar Ride
The Broncs - Tele-K-Killing
Pagans - Boy Can I Dance Good

Machine Gun - Enemy
Die Kreuzen - Enemies
Glue - Enemy
Firiing Squad - Enemy
The Enemy - I Need An Enemy

Crucial Unit - Baby I Don't Wanna Makeout I Just Want To Circle Pit
Urochromes - I Don't Wanna(Wanna Wanna) Be Like Me
Cold Cock - I Wanna Be Rich
Guilty Razors - I Don't Wanna Be Rich
Vast Majority - I Wanna Be A Number
Razorbumps - Do You Wanna?
Culo - I Don't Wanna Go To Psychward B
Ramones - I Don't Wanna Walk Around With You

Karol Conka - Boa Noite
Wipers - Mystery
No Doubt - Excuse Me Mr.
Upsidedown Cross - Upsidedown Cross

Hope Organ featuring John Young - 9th Day of August 1991

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