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Episode 103

Perhaps we've passed our exit and there is no going back of any sort. We are doomed to live in the outcome of a millennia of bad decisions in the name of progress. Our good fortune has timed out and the sweetness we once savored has become sour. Some belated recompense bagged up for the Tuesday night trash pickup like the fall's leaves once beautiful in their windy shuffle now just carbon breaking down in a non biodegradable bag. This certainly isn't the future I was promised as a kid but at least I've grown used to the abject failure of the world I find myself prisoner in. Well enjoy the music at least, c'est la vie.


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Booji Boys - Family Entertainment
BB Eye - Track
Shux - I Don't Wanna Indoor Toilet
Andy Human & The Reptoids - Refrigerator
Jailbus - Wired Negative
Rashomon - 虐殺、発展(Develop and Genocide)
Impalers - Secret Beach

Fancy Rosy - Punk Police
Mo-Dettes - White Mice
Suburban Lawns - Baby
Dame - Glitch
The B52s - Give Me Back My Man

Abandoned - First Offering
Rikk Agnew - Surfside
Poison Idea - Marked For Life
Concealed Blade - Marked For Death
Inmates - Country Time
No Time - You'll Get Yours

Intimspray - One Million Barrels
Omo - Pumperl Geht
Scooter - Crazy Police
Pankrti - Tovar'si, Jest Vam Ne Verjamem
Pekinska Patka - Biti Ruzan, Pametan I Mlad

Okay Temiz - Dokuz Sekiz
Baris Manco - Hal Hal
Sevil & Ayla - Bebek

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