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Episode 105

Another vague transmission from your depraved host concerning people with no hair, punk style music and many different quality brands of freaks.


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Vanilla Poppers - Time To Say Goodbye
Lumpy & The Dumpers - Numbing Agent
Science Project - Discogs Attack
Neophobe - Deep Breaths
Impulso - Tutto Ti E Gia Stato Detto
United Void - Social Climbing Leech
Limp Wrist - Wrap Yourselves In Me

The Cowboy - The Cowboy
The Cowboys - When She Came Back
The Cowboys - Teenage Life
Drunks With Guns - Cowboy
Units - Cowboy

Obediencia - Mi Nombre Es Legion
Los Elegras Difuntos - Que Haremos Con El Rey
Decraneo - No Comprendo
Subterranean Kids - A Quien Quereis Enganar
Von G.R.A.P.A. - Dog Tongues
GRG - Estoy Tan Contento
Toreros After Ole - Porom Pom Pero

The Bastards - Schizo Terrorist
Teenage Popeye - She's Only 16
John Vomit and The Leather Scabs - I Suck
Metal Urbain - Panik
The Queers - I'm Useless

No Time - Age of Insanity
Decibelios - Matar O Morir
Rixe - Rapport De Force
Condor - Que Juenesse Se Passe
Crown Court - Trouble From London
Pink Panzer - Stick In The Mud

Plax - Boring Story
Helta Skelta - Want You
Chandra - Subways
Therese Racket - Rebelle
Look Back In Anger - Torment

Bishop Bullwinkle - Hell To Da Naw
Pokey Bear - My Side Piece

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