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Episode 106

Another week and more useless words. At least there is music though. Guitar, drums, other's all covered here. This is pretty much everything you would ever want out of a podcast. Except quality content. Either way maybe you should at least pretend to enjoy it. 


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D.O.G. - East End Massacre
Choir - Pep Rally
Barlow - You Have To See It
Marbled Eye - Primrose
Aquarium - Spider
Generacion Suicida - La Sangre Corre

S-21 - Thirst For Violence
Suck Lords - Demo Song 2
Lebenden Toten - At The Window
Cider - Concrete
Cider - You're Not Part Of Us
Inmates - Riot/Government Crimes/Burning

Gidians Bible - Love Is the Answer
Gift - Drugs
Goliath - Dead Drunk Screamin'
Brass Alley - Pink Pills
Xarhanga - Acid Nightmare

Social Decay - Kill Or Die
Shotgun Solution - Apocalypse
5 Braccio - Mai Piu Tortura
Declino - Tutto Cio Che Mi Sai Dire
Anti Hun Mina - Falkoga
The Fix - Vengeance

Nag - False Anxiety
Andy Human & the Reptoids - Refrigerator
Rubber Mate - Hog Tied
Perverts Again - My Accident
Rik & the Pigs - Pig Sweat

Gary Numan - Conversation

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