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Episode 107

What is it we think when we create gods of ideas and men? Do we shape them out of memories of our youth or the things we lack in ourselves? What worth is it to question it when our world is wrought with worthless words abound? We act coquettish with philosophy but would never actively delve into ourselves for any answer we'd truly wish to know. Also, music.


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Vanilla Poppers - Hard Work
D Leopardo Industrial Music Co. - Jed Stevens' Own Pet Rock
White Stains - Let's Die
Andy Human & the Reptoids - You Don't Even Know
Max Load - Magazine Sex

Kourosh Yaghmaie - Akhm Nakon
Googoosh - Gol Bi Goldoon
Ojoobeha - Shirley
Kourosh Yaghmaie - Gol-e Yakh
Gita Pashaei - Gol-e Maryam

Impotentie - Vuur In De Lucht
Pobreza Mental - No Se A Donde Voy
Que Lastima - Sangre Morena
C.H.E.W. - Still Suck
Headsplitters - Blind Hate
Slices - Coping Mechanism
Urchin - White Meat
Sadist - Climb

LP - Numb
KP - Teenage Dream
Dj Khaled ft. Rihanna & Bryson Tiller - Wild Thoughts

Alice Cooper - Halo of Flies

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