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Episode 108

Another lackluster foray into the fortuitous freakdom of balderdash and music so daringly deemed a "podcast." We'll report on the punk stock market, check in with the hardcore weather report and take an in depth look at the cutting edge fashion disasters of local scenes all over this needlessly nonsensical nation. 


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EEL -Jump From Tower
Vanilla Poppers -Where You Told Me I Belong
Amyl and the SNiffers -I'm Not A Loser
Patsy -Society Ape
Xylitol -Dump My Head

Subterranean Kids -A Quien Quereis Enganar
SS Kids -Disorder
Lost Kids -The Kids
The Real Kids -Solid Gold(Thru and Thru)
The Kids -This Is Rock 'n' Roll
Crash Street Kids -Into You
Golden Kids - Women's Day

The Bubbleheads -Too Many
Trauma Harness -Cornfields
Dumspell -DTMFU
Judy and the Jerks- Sweet Treat(For Me)
Baghead -Scab
Big Bleach -Bleacherz

Takeshi Terauchi -Tsugaru Jongara Bushi(Shinbushi)
Los Rockets -El Monje Loco
Los Microwaves -Time To Get Up
Explosives -I Won't Go Back To Work
The Buzz -Insanity
Terror Pop -Du Ar Dod

Μάτι -Όπως Δίποτα
Condition -Subjected Fate
Permission -Just Wait and See What I Do
Devil Master -Obscene Charade
Rashōmon -虐殺、発展 (Develop and Genocide)
Imposter -Drawn To Violence

Banshee -Wave to the Police
Tenement -(Messy Endings) In Middle America
Uranium Club -Small Fry
The Fritz -Wasted On TV
Enamel -Gatekeeper
Rehusar -Odio el Trabajo
Microfilm -Dirty Route

Julieta Venegas -Me Voy
Julieta Venegas -Limon y Sal

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