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Episode 110

Punk, disorderly, talking and all kinds of other useless bullshit.
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The World - Namaste
Genpop - The Wall
Vanilla Poppers - I'm Good
U-NIX - The Mayor
Mala Leche - Mareos
Liquids - Physical Demands

The Users - Sick of You
Lockjaw - Radio Call Sign
The Killjoys - Recognition
Sick Things - Bondage Boy
Some Chicken - Blood On the Wall
Psycho's - Young British & White

Sow - Window
Memory Loss - Ghost
Maldicion - Enjaulados
Psh Psh - Guerra Mental
Descontrolados - Repression Policial
Heavy Metal - Blue Suede Shoe
Succubus - Time

Suburban Studs - No Faith
Kursaal Flyers - Television Generation
Le-Ritz - What A Sucker
The Nosebleeds - Ain't Been To No Music School
'Snots - So Long To The Si xties
Public Zone - Naive
Plummet Airline - It's Hard

Protruders - Unmarked
Diva Cup - Cycle/Articficial
Short Order - The Price
Dagger - Livewire
Luxe - Force Of Change
Vile Spirit - LOS
Misled Youth - Excuse For Existence

Tuxedomoon - Joeboy The Electric Ghost
The Residents - The Electrocutioner
Snakerfinger - The Model
Kraftwerk - Trans Europa Express

Cuban Doll - Fuck The Opps
Asian Doll - Lame Niggaz

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