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Episode 112

As always support these groups by buying their records and going to see them live if possible.
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Dark Thoughts - Hate This Song
Machine Gun - Traitor
N.E.G. - Smeared
Complex - Badges Ain't Capes
Neophobe - Anxiety Plague
Devil Master - Obscene Charade

The Mice - Crystal Silence
New Hearts - Blood On The Knife
Non Compos Mentis - I Used To Know You
The Pain - Body Snatchers
Anti Social - Traffic Lights
Ronnie & The Rayguns - Let The Pigs Run Wild

Tarantula - Oozing Skull
Haram - Not A Terrorist
Vanilla Poppers - Footsteps
Deltoid - Silly Freak
Nitecrawlers - Mania
Lux - Battled
Udusic - Ugly
Années Zéro - Revanche

Life Sentence - Race To Die/Election Day
Kontrola W. - Bossa Nova
Andy Human & The Reptoids - Horde
D. Leopardo Industrial Music Co. - Take Me To The River
Nuclear Spring - Crisis
King Louie and The Diamonds - Gypsy Switch
No Negative - Eternal Crypt

Angel Olsen - Never Be Mine
Angel Olsen - Shut Up Kiss Me

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