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Episode 113

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Tarantula - Fatal Age
Machine Gun - Social Game
Permission - Holding Pattern
Lion's Share - War Boots
Party Plates - Backseat Chapo
Weed Whacker - Mower Mishap
Itansha - 崇拝
U-NIX - Nuke Portland

Waste - History Repeats
Lixomania - Violencia O Sobrevivencia
Vonbrigdi - Bornin Pin
Tst - Innocent
False Prophets - Good Clean Fun
The Seize - 17 to 11

Skull Cult - Stab Me With A Knife
The World - Gary Panter
Nachthexen - The State Of Her
Radiation Risks - No Is The Way
Real Regular - Communication Lost
Toyota - Unprocessed Material(Metal)

Shadow Age - The Fall
Helta Skelta - B88
Syndrome 81 - A Feu Et A Sang
Dark Thoughts - Don't Wanna
S.L.I.P. - Starved For Attention
Protruders - Blind and Running
The Boys - Know What I'm Saying
Das Drip - Fault

Davy Jones & The Lower Third - Baby Loves That Way
David Bowie - Sound & Vision

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