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Episode 118

The best of MMXVII according to my par cooked mind.

As always support these bands by buying their records and going to see them live when applicable.

Now start your own band, scene, zine, label, podcast etc.


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Booji Boys - Sister

White Stains - Let's Die

Vanilla Poppers - I'm Good

The Cowboy - The Cowboy

Warm Bodies - I Need A Doctor

The World - Namaste

Blank Spell - Nervous Language

Machine Gun - Outcast


Perverts Again - My Embarrassment

Knowso - Human Like Me

Andy Human & The Reptoids - You Don't Even Know

Nick Normal - Narc Winters

D Leopardo Industrial Music Co. - Jed Steven's Own Pet Rock

Neo Neos - Hamburgie Hill

BB Eye - Marinated Toe

Protoculture - Dual Colony

Duty Toot - Bit By Bozo


D.O.G. - East End Massacre

Kombat - Kombat/Brain On Fire

Impalers - Variety

Μάτι - Όπως Δίποτα

Haram - Not A Terrorist

EEL - Gamble With Life

Tarantula - Oozing Skull


Choir - Prep Rally

Barlow - You Have To See It

Institute - Only Child

Marbled Eye - Dirt

Skull Cult - Enemy

Lumpy & The Dumpers - Attention

D. Leopardo Industrial Music Co. - S.O.S.


Concealed Blade - Never Heard/The Cruiser

Urchin - Pincher

Aggression Pact - Shame

Rashomon - Develop And Genocide

Permission - Holding Pattern

Exit Order - Mass Panic

Rubber Mate - Cha Boi


Nitty Scott - Write!

Princess Nokia - Green Line

A$ap Ferg - Plain Jane


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