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Episode 119

Buy these bands records, go see them live, start a band. Rinse, repeat. 


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Nitty Scott - Gone Girl
Reverie - Black Hearts
Nani Castle - Ms Blaze ft. Sinywok
Princess Nokia - Receipts

BB Eye - Marinated Toe
Perverts Again - Get You Out Of College
The Living Eyes - I Don't Think For Myself
Andy Human - Something Rotten
Concussion - Silence
Rik And The Pigs - TV Bloopers
Haircut - Boys Club

The Way Outs - Surf Combat
Strike Under - Elephant's Graveyard
Nadsat Rebel - Bounty
Buzzards - Who Are The Boys?
Da - Dark Rooms
Mentally Ill - Tumor Boy

Violent End - Your Crowd
Vile Gash - Parasitic
Tarantula - Conviction Of Abuse
Liquids - XxxXx
CDR - Famous Bully
Guadalupe - Caldito De Oso Para El Alma De Ese Pinche Mierda
Life Fucker - Filth
Chainshot - Synapse Drop

Suburbs - Memory
Executives - Jet Set
The Manic Depressives - Going Out With The In-Crowd
Plastic Idols - IUD
Devo - Soo Bawls
Blitz - Husk
Dark Facade - Losing Faith

Baltimora - Tarzan Boy
Lady Gaga - Perfect Illusion

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