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Episode 126

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Warm Bodies - Something Weird Is Eating Me
Aquarium - Hex
Shapeshifter - Vice Nerves
Futura - What A Joke
Beta Boys - Littered Streets
Yambag - Cow
Perverts Again - Cereal Bowl

Bog Ugly - I've Seen It Vomit
La Came Aux Damelias - La 5e Roue Du Systeme
Gobblinz - Women In Love
Disguise - Juvenile Delinquent
Chronics - Callin All Cardinals
The Limit - Please Please Me

The Guests - Watching The War
Skeletal Family - Hands On The Clock
Uncanny Valley - Silver Screen
Annex - Mal Futuro
Last Four Digits - City Streets

Rixe - La Cle
Twisted Thing - Haunted
Raw Breed - Evil Eye
Abikyokan - ?
Groinoids - Empty Skull
Ribzy - Cyanide Pill
The Hates - Another War

Cirith Ungol - Frost & Fire(demo)
Garage - Matanza De Una Noche De Verano
The La De Da's - How Is The Air Up There
Plastic Tones - Behind Talking Heads
Destry Hampton And The Wolves From Hell - Paradise

Ja Rule & Ashanti - Mesmerize

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