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Episode 131

Support the diy punk community by buying these bands records and going to see them live! Now start your own scene, band, whatever just get out there and contribute.

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Choir - Guilt Drip
Spaceman Spliff - Fresh
Booji Boys - I Wanna Be So Good
CCTV - Call 2 235-U
The Stance - On The Run(Again)
Twisted Thing - Prisoner
Control Test - Sin Sentimiento

Que Lastima - Sangre Morena
Rina - Cansada
Rata Negra - Gente
Cruz De Navajas - The Mirror Breaks
Vertigo - Distancia
1991 - Compromiso - mil novecientos noventa y uno

Cardi B - I Like It
Acrangel ft Bad Bunny - Tu No Vive Asi
Marcelo D2 - Voce Diz Que O Amor Nao Doi
Mariahlynn - Tab Reloaded

Razar - Task Force(Undercover Cops)
The Rowdies - A.C.A.B.
Captain Sensible & The Softies - Jet Boy, Jet Girl
The Alternators - Kid Don't Know
Helen Keller - Surfin'(With Steve and ED Amin)
The Adverts - No Time To Be 21

Cement Shoes - Inmate
The Inmates - Cement Shoes
Concrete Lawn - Concrete Lawn
Concrete Sox - Senile Fools
FDR - Concrete Feet

Ernest Tubb - Drivin' Nails In My Coffin

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