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Episode 132

You already know. Buy these bands records. Go see them live. The people doing this put effort into it so reciprocate even a little for once. Now go do something productive.

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The Number Ones - You're So Happy I Could Cry
Erik Nervous & The Beta Blockers - I'm A Brick
The Bills - Looking For You
Brown Sugar - 2012
Alien Nosejob - Caffeine OD
Gen Pop - Waxing State
Marbled Eye - New Crease
Natural Man - Beam

Alaska Y Dinarama - Perlas Ensangrentadas
Ataque De Caspa - LaLaLa
Metal Y Ca - Velocidad
Los Iniciados - Pete Pan
Fanzine - Llegas Tarde
Aviador Dro - Selector De Frecuencias

Terrorist - Is This Life?
S.H.I.T. - Algorithm
Que Lastima - Tierra Violada
Inhalant - 2
Graveside - Nightmares
La Misma - Ta Rabida Sin Es Ta Bira L Na Bo
Impalers - Spider Sisters/Rippin Rope
Rixe - Nuit Rasoir

Violent Ramp - Danforth
Massacre Guys - City Of Fear
Genetic Control - Suburban Life
Vatican Commandos - Why Must I Follow
Blitz - Voice Of A Generation
Warheads - Dagen Ar Natt
Vibrators - Whips And Furs

Heatmiser - Christian Brothers
Elliot Smith - Junk Bond Trader

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