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Episode 135

Buy these bands records and go see them live. Now start your own punk.


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Straight A's - Fuck It Up
Rina - Vulnerables
Khiis - Tokhme Sag
S.H.I.T. - Destiny
Geld - Dog Tired
Altered State - Take The Knife
Fetish - Taste The Knife
Long Con - Failing Tourniquet

Massacre 68 - Policias Corruptos
Bitousha -
Bad Posture - Time For Smack
Sado-Nation - I'm Trouble
Out Of Our Head - Warzone
Raticide - Manege

Kid Chrome - I've Had It
Vintage Crop - American Living
Kitchen People - Fantasy Boy
Criminal Code - Exiled
Rata Negra - Dientes Sobre El Metal
Generacion Suicida - Soldados

Tozcos - Ideolgias
Sangre De Abajo - No Mas!!!!
DFMK - Solipsista
Stagger - Choice
Alienation - -Bitter Boys
Lysol - Teenage Trance
Eraserheads - Pressure
Public Acid - Rubbernecker

Poison Idea - Self Abuse
Elliott Smith - Happiness

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