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Episode 136

At this point you must have at least a vague idea of how this works. It's only D.I.Y. if you are involved so contribute in anyway you can, punk doesn't work without your input. 


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Dark Thoughts - Side A of "At Home"

Inmates - I Believe I Can Die
Soakie - Or You Or You
Electric Chair - Dim Light
Quick Fix - Always Was
Terrorist - Insane
Soda - Ruido De La Urbe
Germen - Whiplash

Veda - Whiplash
Sad Lovers & Giants - Cloud 9
Nicht - Hallo Kartoffelsalat
Marbled Eye - Leisure
Vintage Crop - New Age

S.V.D.B. - Your Friendly Local Polic
Angry Red Planet - Mummy From Hollywood
Direct Action - Tommorrow's Too Late
Data Morgana - Sammfunnets Moralister
Declino - Libero
Hates - No Talk In The Eighties
Chumps - Jet Lag Drag

Belton Richard & The Musical Aces - I'm Not A Fool Anymore
Faith Allen - Is This All There Is To A Honky Tonk
Iry Lejeune - Convict Waltz

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