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Episode 138

Buy these bands records and support them and your fellow punks and miscreants by going to shows and participating in any and all d.i.y. activities within your community. Please and thank you.


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Blood Pressure - Kick The Ladder
S.L.I.P. - The Dealer
Peace Talks - Instigate
Vanilla Poppers - I Like Your Band
Cruelster - The Pipeline Could Work
Donkey Bugs - Three Times Fast
Inmates - C.U.M. On The Punx

The Kids - I Wanna Get A Job In The City
Der Stab - Tracers
Vatican Commandos - Wonder Bread
Snuky Tate - Stage Speech
Stigmatism - Your Demise
Lamour - Sunglass Party

Cider - Out To Get Me/Hate This World/Thanks For Nothing
Erik Nervous - Do-Do
Beta Boys - Laugh/Cry
Stiff Love - Attitudes
Cement Shoes - I Saw The Devil Agin(Last Night)
Vanity - It's That Way For A Reason
The Shifters - Melbourn & Monash Youth League

Rina - Yo No Consigo Nada
Estado Facista - Demon Song 2
Cutre - Lobotomizan Tus Ideas
Perra Vida - Acoso
Urbanoia - Skarpladd Vapen, Blod Pa Tann
Shame - Resistance
O.U.T. - Behavior
Permission - Ambition

Kenny Rogers & First Edition - Tulsa Turnaround
Dolly Parton - Getting Happy

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