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Episode 142

Go see these bands live, buy their records and merch, start a band, book a show, start a label, contribute, etc. 


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Vanilla Poppers - Get Away From Me
Pine Taar - I Declare War
The Roobydocks - Polygon Field
Gills - Gilded Peaks
Der Kommisar - Athlete's Foot
Inmates - Ronnie James Melnick
Brainwashed Youth - I Don't Exactly Like You
The Guns - Support
Confront - One Life Drug Free

Bow Wow Wow - W.O.R.K.(N.O. Nah No No My Daddy Don't)
The Go-Go's - How Much More?
The Sleepers - Angel In A Raincoat
Gatecrashers - Spectator
No Thanks - Office Jerk/Rat Cheese
The Landlords - My Monotony

Public Acid - Incapacitate
Mala Leche - Incapacitate
Malcria - Chingas A Tu Madre
Ulceras - Cuchilla
Control - Sindicato
Sial - Huru-Hara
Hologram - Anestetized
Terrorist - Is This Life?
Electric Chair - Drag Me
Permission - Kindness And Mercy

Shadow Age - Reign
Molchat Doma - Na Dne
Orion - Church Bells
Turquoise Days - Grey Skies

Mom's Plate - I Don't Like You
BB And The Blips - Omnia
T.A.Z. - Untitled 2
Pineapple RNR - Teenager
CCTV - Call 2 235-U
Erik Nervous - Huboon Stomp
Pious Faults - Field
Lebenden Toten - Inferno

Savage Rose - A Trial In Our Native Town

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