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Episode 145

Break out of your comfort zone and take a chance already. Your life is only what you make of it.


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Blood Pressure - Recluse/Misanthropy
Stigmatism - The Aggressor/It's Too Late
Vanity - Cease Fire
L'amour - Sunglass Party

Warthog - Death's Hand/Brainwasher
Liquids - Shitty Fucking D.N.A.
Electric Chair - Old Man
Idiota Civiliazzato - Gemiti
U-NIX - Liberal Hardcore
Eteraz - جهنم (خونمو می‌خوای؟)
Pine Taar - The Time Is Here
C.H.E.W. - Gag Order

The Cure - Killing An Arab
Siouxsie & The Banshees - Hong Kong Garden
Crisis - UK78
XTC - Meccanic Dancing
Motorhead - I'll Be Your Sister

Medium Ugly - Born To Die, Forced To Stay Alive/Sharp Things
Mom - Proof Is In The Pudding/Piper Is In The Pudding
Porno Glows - Clean Necks
Pentas - Mock Me
Poor Excuse - Runner Up
HIRS - Worship

In A Hot Coma - I Wanna Stay Up All Night
Orbits - Make The Rules
The Shivvers - Please Stand By
Faux Depart - Doctissimo
Rata Negra - Mientes
Pigeon - Hoisin

Gene Simmons - See You Tonite
Paul Stanley - Love In Chains

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