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Episode 151

You already know, start a band blah blah blah buy these bands records yada yada yada go see them like etc etc etc support your scene i digress i digress i digress...


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Me on someone else's podcast as I mention on this podcast. 


Space Wolf - Big Bad
Brainwashed California - Life Of Crime
Urochromes - I Don't Wanna Be Like Me
The Muff Divers - Dunno Quite Yet
S.B.F. - A Haunting We Will Go
Western Civ - Fun Ladies In White
Hairlong N Freeky - Untitled
Leaders - I Am Not A Nixon

Takeshi Terauachi & Blue Jeans - Kiso Bushi
Misiliski - Tsuioku No Sihgure
Beanmusic - Beanmusic
The Darvocets - Contactee
Ruiners - John 3:81
Prevaricators - I'm So Cool
Misfits - Theme For A Jackyl
Black Flag - Can't Decide

Vittna - Hands Around Your Neck
Mock Execution - Is This The Future?
Hius - Pimeys
Porvenir Oscuro - Salvacion
Corvo - Frontera
Junta - Agua Escura
Vaaska - Regimen Autoritario
Hologram - Mirroring
Closet Christ - Recur
Loose Nukes - Fire Me

Gaizin - Free Will/Follow The Fashion
Kaizer - Stray Goner
Mensu - Drug
Anti-Septic - Dice With Death
Dove - What's To Gain
Gauze - Absinthe Trip

Ghost Town DJ's - My Boo

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