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Episode 153

Is this the year punk dies? Is it already dead? Stillborn perhaps? Comatose? Does the word "punk" actually mean anything beyond it's Merriam-Webster definition? The words we choose only mean what we want them to mean, so punk is whatever you think it is. Alive, dead, neither or both. Either way it's up to you to define it so put down your phone and get to it already we're waiting.


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Dorothy - Softness
The Pearl Sisters - Hate It
Jennifer Lara - I Am In Love
Lin Guan Lin -劉冠霖
Yellow Magic Orchestra - Firecracker

Devil Master - Desperate Shadow
Mock Execution - Reality Attack
Vaaska - Poder Absoluto
Blystex - Cual Es La Verdad
Mujercitos - Agresivamente Ignorante
La Maquinaria De Tortura - Control
Ardillas - Cuando CAnte Esta Cancion
Skull Cult - Braindead

Ramones - Rock N Roll High School
Misfits - Teenagers From Mars
The Tights - Cracked
The Carpettes - Small Wonder
Paralisis Permanente - Unidos
Bedboys - Violenza No!
No Thanks - Posuer

The Ire - Katabasis
Satelite - Parte Del plan
Antiguo Regimen - La Formacion De La Sombra
Cuidad Lineal - Neuvo Hombre
Xmal Deustchland - Hand In Hand

Chavela Vargas - La Llorona
City Girls - I'll Take Your Man


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