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Episode 154

More of the same always. Buy these bands records, go see them live, contribute to your scene, so on and so forth. Start a band or don't. Do you really need me to tell you that punk doesn't work without you? 


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RAT-NIP - New Blood
Vaaska - No A La Guerra
Muro - PD
Forra - Futuro
Mujeres Podridas - Misterio Planeta
Blystex - Me Mando Sola
Purple X - Glasses
Organzied Filth - Canada Horrible
The Noids - Too Late
Rubble - The Image
Skull Cult - Into The White

Crass - Mother Earth
Gang Of Four - Not Great Men
Au Pairs - Ideal Woman
Gary Numan - Down In The Park
The Undertones - Family Entertainment
The Damned - Smash It Up

Torso - Repulsion
EEL - Carry On Shambling Ghoul
De Rodillas - No Soy Nada
Peace Talks - Instigate
Pawns - Abberations
The Ire - Derelict
1919 - Cry Wolf

Rata Negra - Asesino
Juanita Y Los Feos - Cien Punaladas
Pura Mania - Rey De Ratas
Secreto Publico - Cara De Culpable
Sin Motivo - Preguntales
Criaturas - Despierta

Cumhur - Taki Havasi
Rupa - Aaj Shanibar

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