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Episode 155

That which we create will be our ultimate destruction. There is no way to suck the poison out of this self-inflicted wound. Our brains will grow larger and larger, but with ego not knowledge, as we become carelessly conceited creatures craving the primordial ooze that rejected us. We will resign to rot in our current unfavorable fantasy. Never looking forward. Never wondering "why?" 

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Illiterates - Not Your Problem
Heavy Discipline - Excuse
Living World - Fresh
The P'ids - Two Dogs
Subversive Rite - Systems Child
Hyena - Plagued
Public Acid - Flag Fetish
Physique - No Better Way
Fluke - 6th Mass Extinction
Man-Eaters - Carbona Guerrilla
Muro - Prisionero

Crapas - 크레파스 - 새벽 창가에서 
Roza Rymbaeva Роза Рымбаева  - Жездеке
Марина - Журавлева Я не та 
Hole - Violet
The Go-Gos - Our Lips Are Sealed

Uranium Club - Man Is The Loneliest Animal
Knowso - Me & My Friends Town
Flower - Pride Is Not For Me
Lucta - Schermo
Adrenochrome - Shattered Frames
Devil Master - Black Flame Candle

Leo Sayer - You Make Me Feel Like Dancing



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