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Episode 157

Hope your life has been decent. Make someone a someone by showing them some sort of affection our gratuity in an obvious way or one your own. Whilst you at "it" do something for your own community whatever it may be. k bye thanx.


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Powerplant - Dungen
Diät - Foreign Policy
Adrenochrome - Celebration
The Ire - To Sleep
Mariah - 花が咲いたら

The Cryers - (It's Gonna Be) A Heartbreaker
Bram Tchaikovsky - Girl Of My Dreams
The Records - Starry Eyes
Disturbed - I Don't Believe

Absurdo - Vacio
Fuga - Sin Control
Idiota Civilizzato - Sporchi Senza Fine
S.H.I.T. - Algorithm
Mock Execution - Is This The Future?
Hyena - No Remorse
Subversive Rite - Age Of Change
R.M.F.C. - The Clue
Gesture - Dizzy

Heavy Discipline - You're Good
Rat Nip - Motormouth
Illiterates - Urban Hillbilly
Living World - Crack Mountain
Loose Nukes - Annihilation
Blood Pressure - Surrounded
De Rodillas - No Soy Nada
Detainees - One Of The Good Ones

Daddy Yankee ft Snow - Con Calma
Cruelster - Laminate It Later

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