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Episode 158

Another tired playlist by another tired prick? You be the judge. While you are feeling so generous buy these bands records, see them live and support the music you like as feverishly as you possibly can. 


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Razorbumps - Freak Baby
Cuir - Seconde Peau
Primavera - Vida Podrida
Khiis - Venom
Torso - Sick Of Fighting
Celda - Obsesion
Larma - Mänsklighetens Mästare
Heavy Discipline - Moment Won't Come

The Bags - We Don't Need The English
The Eyes - Disneyland
Alley Cats - Too Much Junk
Black Randy and the Metro Squad - Down At The Laundrymat
X - Los Angeles
The Germs - No God

Mock Execution - Reality Attack
The Cavemen - Lucy
Impulso - Nessun Impulso
CPU Rave - Compressed
Cell - Demise
Brainwashed Youth - Blow Up This Place
Pine Taar - I Declare War
Suck Lords - The Lake
Machine Gun - Outcast
Scarecrow - Cornered
The P'ids - GFBSG
Powerplant - Classic Evil

Dark Thoughts - Fallin Out
Motorhead - R.A.M.O.N.E.S.
Crucial Unit - Columbus Fest Is A Celebration Of Genocide
Tetsu Arrey - Burning Spirits
Viletones - C.O.N.T.O.L.
Nobunny - Blow Dumb
Dead Moon - Dead Moon Night
The Cure - Fire In Cairo

Little Carolyn Sue - I Hate Men
Mamman Sani - Bodo

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