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Episode 162

No matter how hard we cover our ears it is the noise inside our heads that will prove most insidious in the end. The demons we birth in our anima will slowly grow until they cannot be contained and our plight outweighs our pleads. Your eyes will open to realize the curled fingers pulling dirt onto your grave belong to you and you alone.



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Chronic Abuse - Class Traitor
The Stutter - No Sense
Gunn - Fuck My Mind
Bootlicker - Slasher
Eke Buba - Toilette
Cochina - Complejo de Salvador Blanco
Krimewatch - ゴキブリ 男
Warthog - Death's Hand/Brainwasher

Ervinna - Please Mr. Postman
Sylvia Vrethammar - Son of a Preacher Man
Judy Lee - I'm A Believer
Rita Chao - Proud Mary
Katty Line - Touch Me
Caterina Caselli - Paint It Black
Avie Koesmiran - Sugar Sugar

Bogus Genius - Spiders
Urochromes - Hair So Big
Institute - Deadlock
Chronophage - Racing
Litovsk - Dit Wil Ik Nooit Vergeten
The World - Punctuate
BB Eye - Lightning Strikes Twice
Condor - Vengeance

La Banda del Tren - Esclavo de la Noche
Flacidos Lunes - Francotirador
Ana Curra - Una Noche Sin Ti
Claustrofobia - Sombras En La Alcoba
Flash Cero - Ciudad Estelar


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