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Episode 165

Further forward the future we go. Do what you will to support these groups any which way you can. Be a positive force out there team, we are above capacity for jerks. Flex your patience and feed your head.

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Tanya Tucker - Delta Dawn
Faith Allen - Is This All There Is To A Honky Tonk
Cousin Jody - Lady Cop
Sanford Clark - It's Nothing To Me
Commander Cody - (Down To) Seeds and Stems (Again)
Belton Richard & The Musical Aces - I'm Not A Fool Anymore

Destruct - Unpunished
Zima - Violent
Stagger - Power
U.F.O. Dictator - I Don't Need
Chrome Skulls - War Stories
Chronic Abuse - Enemy
Nosferatu - Dictated In Red
Khiis - The Spiral

Loose Nukes - Three Seconds of Pleasure
D.O.G. - Warcry
Concealed Blade - No Patience
EEL - One Track Mind
No Time - Hang Up Your Boots
Caustic Christ - Ha Ha Ha
The Gotobeds - Clorox Girls
Drug Lust - Largatctyl

The Pornogrpahy Glows - Duped Dope
Institute - Can't See Nothing
Lithics - Excuse Generator
Erik Nervous & The Beta Blockers - Nailed To The Wall
Creechers - Knife Stick
Andy Human - The One

The Freshies - Tell Her I'm Ill
Zero De Conduite - School Junkie
Devo - Timing X
Demolition Group - You Better Stay Alive
Cyber People - Void Vision
Gary Low - I Want You

Cupcakke - Old Town Hoe

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