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Episode 167

I'm busy you're busy we're busy it's just kind of a thing that happens. I don't know if any of you even care how long there is in between these things but I felt like it took a while. ANYWAY buy these bands records go see them live support the scene make the scene YOU ARE THE DAMN PUNK ok so just go and do it!


Listen on iTunes, Stitcher, Mixcloud & wherever else ya get the sounds from. 


Pobreza Mental - Ya No Me Pertenezco
Cremalleras - Cenizas
Heterofobia - Me Das Asco
De Rodillas - Me Das Asco
Krimewatch - New York Nightmare
Gazm - Put The Pedal Down
Adderall - Spit
Dollhouse - Summer Love
Booji Boys - New Replacements
The Gotobeds - Slang Words

Stukas Over Bedrock - Life Like Yogi
X_X - You're Full Of Shit
The Electric Eels - Agitated
Social Unrest - Their Mistakes
The Lewd - American Wino
The Boys - Soda Pressing
Buzzcocks - Something's Gone Wrong Again
Black Flag - Nothing Left Inside

Death Instinct - Secret Garden
Ritual Veil - Wolf In The Night
The Flirts - Danger
Trans-X - Living On Video

Do Crimes- Guessing Game
No Time - Anti-Social Today
Ratface - The Gates
Sussed - The System
The Sicks - Pretty Plastic
Empty Beings - Growing Boys
Caustic Christ - Under The Knife

Sanford Clark - Look Out Floor
Angel Olsen - Give It Up

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