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Episode 171

Another week of music and talking and drinking liquid(s) and hoping something changes and reveling in the fact that life won't ever actually change. Existence is funky but we continue to endure and honestly even when it's bad it ain't all THAT bad. Anyway here's the music support these bands by going to see them live and buying their records/tapes/whatever be punk or don't. 


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Steely Dan - Dirty Work
Eagles - Lyin Eyes
Jackson Browne - Somebody's Baby
The Doobie Brothers - Takin' It To The Streets

Dark Thoughts - Do You Dream?
Loose Nukes - Behind The Screen B-Side
Blood Pressure - Exposed
Hounds Of Hate - Pound Of Flesh
Behind Enemy Lines - The Global Cannibal

Street Gurgler - Cats
Short Order - I Bought A Longboard
The Missed - Tellurian Mistake
No Blues - Love Me
Anxious Living - Earthbound
Sensual World - Ugly Being
Liquids - Weak
Powerplant - Get In The Trunk

Sistema De Entretenimiento - Gato Cosmico
Tercer Mundo - Horrible Realidad
Halshug - Fantasi
Destinazione Finale - In Bilico Nel Reale
Obsessio - Pualadas
Larma - Konkurrens Är Livet
Kohti Tuhoa - Helvetistä Pimeyteen

Affront - Take Control
Nosferatu - Applications Of Reason
Fuckin' Lovers - Broken Head
Moron - Pus-filled Eyes
Haircut - El Tiempo
Judy And The Jerks - Specimen A

Emahoy Tsegué-Maryam Guèbrou - The Homeless Wanderer
Michael Levy - Hurrian Hymn

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