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Episode 172

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Electric Chair - House Of Abuse
Loose Nukes - Innocent
Nosferatu - Field-Of-Hope
Mace - Ankle Biter
Physique - Yesterday's Anguish, Tomorrow's Despair
Fuckin' Lovers - Control
Horrendous 3D - Pendulum Swinging Forever
Jackal - Robbed Life
Protocol - Bloodsport II
Armor - Military Discount
Firewalker - The Roll Call

Child Molesters - I'm Gonna Punch You(In The Face)
The Slugs - Problem Child
Cold Cock - I Wanna Be Rich
Chain Gang - Born In Brazil
Los Nuns - Media Control
Nervouse Eaters - Just Head
Controllers - Suburban Suicide

Irreal - Ruines
Soga - Resistir
Victimas - Victimas
Ohyda - Koniec Swiata
Kohti Tuhoa - Viha
Halshug - Ingen Control
Pobreza Mental - Ya No Me Pertenezco
Exotica - Mundo Sin Fin
ETC. - Automata

Judy & The Jerks - California
Simpletones - California
Liquids - My Room At Night
Ramones - Sitting In My Room
The Holidays - Bus Freak
Roobydocks - Smoke Enough To Die
Citric Dummies - Step On Me
Cells - My Gun
Chubby & The Gang - All Along The Uxbridge Road
Uranium Club - Two Things At Once(Part 1)

Empty Beings - In Between
Rata Negra - Que Tendra
Spectres - Northern Town
Fatamorgana - Historias de Oriente
Annex - Modern Age
False Act - False Act

Crucial Unit - Columbus Fest Is A Celebration Of Genocide
The Chris Kibler Tabernacle Choir - Shur Save

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