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Episode 173

Satie and I sit down and jam some tunes from now and later and before and probably even after because thus is the tradition in our arrangement. Eat your greens and give some green to bands if you like them because music ain't cheap. While you are at it you can give me some $$$ if you want via or don't I ain't in this for the money but it sure does help! Thanks for coming to my E.D. talk. 


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Dark Thoughts - Do You Dream/ITL
Loose Nukes - Rizzo's Dead
Public Acid - Zero Power
Bootlicker - Defection
Heavy Discipline - Empty Worship
Bad Breeding - C.S.A.M.
Halshug - Spejl
Ubik - Shocking New Vision
Chubby & The Gang - Mockba

Los Bolidos - Rafagas
La Mode - El Eterno Femenino
Zombies - Groenlandia
Betty Troupe - El Vinilo
Polansky Y El Ador - Ataque Preventivo De La URSS

Devil Master - Desperate Shadow
Ritual Mass - Servant
Enforced - Retaliation
Body Farm - Body Farm
Midnight - Lord In Chains

The Darvocets - Another Roswell
Cider - Hate This World
Brainwashed Youth - I Don't Exactly Care For You
Brainwashed California - I.N.I.T.I.A.L.S.
White Pigs - Satan's Sparrows
The Clyng-Onz - Way It Is
United Mutation - I Know A Place
Husker Du - Deadly Skies

Beach Boys - Kokomo
Secret Tombs - The True Story Of Part II

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