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Episode 175

My brain won't slow down and my consumption of music is somehow at an all time high even though I suffer from listener fatigue. I am an addict and cannot be stopped. The only way to end this is to kill me so the ball is in your court world, whatchu gonna do bout it? 


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Ruz - Blame The Badge
The Warden - This Side(A-side of 7")
Life Like - Ghost Walk
Lumpy & The Dumpers - Hair On The Insdie
Pineapple RnR- NO NO NO
Fried E/M - Song 2 from tour tape

Mon Laferte ft Guaynaa - Plata Ta Ta
Snowsa ft Young M.A. - Yank Riddim Remix
Gangstalicious - Making My Way Downtown
RealYungPhil ft Gangstalicious - Do That Dance 2

Vidro - Kalla Drommar
Indikator B - Tu
Zorn - Fickle Blessing
Devil Master - Sex With Succubus
Cape Of Bats - Lord of the Shadows
Ritual Knife - Perpertual Anhedonia

The Whiffs - Now I Know
Brower - U N Him
Nancy - Malt Licker
Dangus Tarkus - Brainteaser
Dancer - I'm Not Giving Up
Nick Normal - Luv Gum
Gee Tee - FBI

Skelton Hands - Robot Hands
Black Marble - MSQ No-Extra
Automatic - Electrocution
Omar Souleyman - Warni Warni
Atabay Chargulyyew - Chyrasy

Ernest Tubb - Sataurday Satan Sunday Saint
Sanford Clark - Climbin' The Walls
Roger Miller - What Are Those Things(With Big Black Wings)

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