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Episode 176

Music for life. Life for music. Something something. Eat a doughnut or be one I don't care just don't TREAD ON ME OR THE TURKEY WE BOTH JUST WANNA LIVE BRO 


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Alien Nosejob - Bond Clean
Screaming Fist - Betrayed
Leather Lickers - Cheap Paint
Celda - Encerrada
Lux - Action
Rejex - Don't Talk To Me
Electric Chair - I Hate Myself
Acrylics - Haze

Underage - Kids
Narcosis - Represion
Tozibabe - Li
Bannlyst - Farvel Moder Jord
Colera - Deo Fora
Ikkashinju - Dead You

Annex - Modern Age
Rata Negra - Problemas No
Chain Cult - Shallow Grave
Riki - Napoleon
Skeleton Hands - City Lights

The Mark Vodka Group - Boy(I'm Allergic To You)
Ugly Son - (I'm) Shot Dead
Nancy - (I'm A) Man
The Cryers - (It's Gonna Be) A Heartbreaker
The Necessaries - Runaway Child(Minors Beware)
The Ramones - Howling At The Moon(Sha-La-La)
Devo - Sloppy(I Saw My Baby Getting)
Screamers - Why The World(Need A Head On)

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