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Episode 177

Yeah ok I get it you don't even want to read this and should I blame you? What could I possibly say that you haven't heard before? You want to do something productive in relation to this music? Go see these bands live, buy their records, pay to download their shit on bandcamp, etc. Fuck spotify, they are ripping off the artists! Fuck Amazon they are ripping off everyone in America! Think for yourself dammit! 


Listen on iTunes, Stitcher, Mixcloud etc. 


Fairytale - Mayday
Decisions - Assimilation
Spike Pit - Lil Sharpshooter
Loss Prevention - Reminder
Liquids - Same Mistakes
Alien Nosejob - Chemical Solution
Screaming Fist - Latigazo
Acrylics - Sinking In
Rejex - Feel Nothing/Reject You

Molchat Doma - люди надоели
Ole Ole - No Controles
Paraiso - La Estrella De La Radio
Rubi Y Los Casinos - Yo Tenia Un Novio
B52s - 52 Girls

Sniper Culture - Some Thing's Wrong
Ritual Knife - Spiteful Suicide
Mammoth Bath - Conspiracy In The Face Of Death
EEL - Awake
The Holidays - Durango 95/Warthog
Ramones - Danger Zone(Demo)
The Offenders - Face Down In The Dirt
5° Braccio - Ricambio Umano

The Kids - Do You Love The Nazis?
Angry Samoans - They Saved Hitler's Cock
Unnatural Axe - They Saved Hitler's Brain
Kriminella Gitarrer - Hitler's Barn
Kneecappers - Hitler's On The March
Skunks - Dance With The Fuhrer


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