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Episode 178

This might be the last new music style episode of the year. Don't forget to support these bands and all the bands you like. I didn't realize until after I recorded the episode but I have been sober for 1 month, I feel like that is supposed to be some sort of "big deal" as far as recovery goes but it doesn't feel like anything important. Keep on keeping on humans being alive is weird as fuck and it's a lot easier to get through this if we support each other.


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Dark Thoughts - Must Be Nice
The Whiffs - What Do You Want Me To Do?
Sheer Mag - Unfound Manifest
Chubby & The Gang - All Along Uxbridge Road
Chronophage - The We Do Together
Generacion Suicida - Criminal
Liquids - Don't Wanna Get To Know You

Village People - Food Fight
Nocturnal Projections - Isn't That Strange?
John Maus - Cop Killer
Cranberries - Dreams
Dolly Parton - Mule Skinner Blues

Schizos - Driller
EEL - Life Ain't Fair
Alien Nosejob - Explosives In The Headlights
Fairytale - Trouble
Dollhouse - Summer Love
Prison Affair - I Want Ya In My Cell
Heterofobia - Falsos Aliados
Screaming Fist - Oxidacion
Sniper Culture - Brad's World
Sweet Tooth - Report Card
Spike Pit - Ops

The Saints - Untitled
Devo - Blockhead
Ramones - Danny Says
The Replacements - Can't Hardly Wait
Wipers - Mystery

Tierra Whack - Unemployed

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