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Episode 179

All of these songs came out within the last year and I think they are better than everything that happened since January 1st except for the things that I forgot about.


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Dark Thoughts - Do You Dream/Terrible Things
Loose Nukes - Innocent
Living World - Crack Mountain
Rat Nip - Boilermaker
EEL - Awake
Heavy Discipline - Stuck
Chronic Abuse - Class Traitor
Empty Beings - In Between
Illiterates - Not Your Problem
Chiller - Trainwreck
Speed Plans - Confrontation

Mon Laferte, Guaynaa - Plata Ta Ta
Daddy Yankee, Snow - Con Calma
Snowsa ft. Young M.A. - Yank Riddim Remix
Solange - Way To The Show
Lizzo - Juice
Saweetie - My Type

Ugly Son - (I'm) Shot Dead
Sheer Mag - Silver Line
The Whiffs - Shakin All Over
Spectres - Northern Town
Rata Negra - Que Tendra
Anxious Living - An Ideal Living
Powerplant - Dungen
R.M.F.C. - School
The Pornography Glows - Expectations
Institute - Can't See Nothin'
Fatamorgana - Historias de Oriente

Alien Nosejob - I Still Call This Punk Scene My Home
Electric Chair - Casino
Torso - Grab A Shovel
Fuckin' Lovers - Control
Judy And The Jerks - California
Sniper Culture - Some Thing's Wrong
Pobreza Mental - Ya No Me Pertenezco
Heterofobia - El Infierno
Haircut - Les Va A Tocar
Fuga - Hipocritas
Screaming Fist - Betrayed
Nosferatu - Dictated In Red
Public Acid - Rockstar(Pathetic)
Physique - No Better Way
Jackal - Help Yourself

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