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Episode 181

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Dark Thoughts - Where Did You Come From/Imaginary Lines
Alien Nosejob - Explosives In The Headlights
Decisions - Cruccify Peace
B.T.T.W. - Mistake
Body Farm - Rough Night
Sirkka - Lopeta Ilman Myrkytys
Eteraz - Terror
Reek Minds - Sideswiped
Putzfrau - Sick Sad World
Hate Preachers - Bent For Abuse

Teen Idles - Sneakers
Modern Warfare - Dayglo
The Buttocks - Kill The Pigs
The Mad - Disgusting
Dow Jones & The Industrials - It Ain't Good Enough
Gizmos - Bible Belt Baby
Urinals - Sex
Non Compos Mentis - Ultimate Orgasm

Dadar - Brain
R.M.F.C. - Racer
Alien Nosejob - Television Sets
Gee Tee - Pigs In The Pit
Chubby & The Gang - Bruce Grove Bullies
Institute - Roll Music
Exek - Unetiquetted

Sonia - J'perds Mon Temps Avec Moi
Leah Navarro - Patingin-tingin Lamang
Rainbow Trio - 무지개트리오 - 바삐
Cumhur - Takı Havası
Jung Nan Yi -정난이 - 내 마음은 언제나

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