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Episode 182

A brief history of every punk song ever written.


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Boiled Men - Dark Enough
Yambag - Who Am I
The Cowboy - Swimming With The Fishies
Sin Ritmo - Bum Bum My Corazon
FOC - Terra i Forca
Hate Preachers - Wrong Side
Cruelty Bomb - Atrocities
Tzar Bomba - Cogs Keep Turning
Starvation - Nuclear Suicide
Bib - Psychodelica
Sweet Tooth - Decisions

The Scientists - It'll Never Happen Again
Nikki And The Corvettes - Back Seat Love
Ramones - I'm Affected
Tearjerkers - I'm Sorry
Siouxsie And The Banshees - Christine
The Cure - A Forest

The Annihilated - Body Count
Loose Nukes - Rizzo's Dead
Idiota Civilizzato - Gemiti
Obsessio - Suicidio
Permission - Holding Pattern
Muro - Desahuciados
S.H.I.T. - Automatic
Irreal - Ruines
Lucta - Schermo
Dark Thoughts - Silhouettes

Wipers - I'll Be Around
The Dead - Duty Calls
Subhumans - Reason For Existence
Peace Talks - Other People's Money
Speed Plans - Green War
EEL - Addiction
Institute - Too Dumb
Powerplant - Get In The Trunk
Triple Ente - Bourban En Brujas

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