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Episode 81

This week there is more miscellaneous musical mutterings of the newest in punk & hardcore as well as whatever KBD & power pop singles have been in heavy rotation. Still I don't know how to speak even though I have been trapped in this predominantly English exercising experience for some time now. As always with this please seek these bands out and buy their records/tapes/etc and go see them live. Now start your own band/scene/podcast/label/etc.

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S.L.I.P. - 5:45 AM
The Crucifucks - Hinckley Had A Vision
Scuzz - Death Machine
Yambag - Frog
Bulsch - Roontackle Shop
The Broncs - Tele-K-Killing

Vexx - Do What You Want To
Short Days - Bleak City
Helter Skelter - I Need You
Vice Squad - Prison Girl
Vice Squad - Latex Love
Latex - Hopeless Days

Dog - Head Nurse
Omegas - Boom Boom
Aggression Pact - Shame
P.E.A.R.L. - Fight Us
Body Pressure - Prisoner
Savage Blind God - The Skinny's Baptism
Clockcleaner - Divine Hammer

Patois Counselors - Clean Skits
Flowers For Agatha - The Freedom Curse
Stalag - Date Limite De Vente
Legionaires Disease - Rather See You Dead
Teenage Head - Picture My Face

The Skunks - Earthquake Shake
Non Compos Mentis - Ultimate Orgasm
Captain 9's & The Knickerbocker Trio - Goddammit I'm Pissed
Nog Watt - Wish You Could Feel
Mentally Ill - Tumor Boy

Crash Street Kids - Into You
Plimsouls - Now
Boys - Soda Pressing
Zips - I'm In Love
Bram Tchaikovsky - Girl Of My Dreams

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