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Episode 84/Year In Review

We spiral though existence on a water soaked rock in space and foolishly wonder why we feel so insignificant and small. I hope you have had an amicable time exploring music with me throughout MMXVI here are the things I was obsessed with in this past year...

oh yeah, listen here here and here 


Menthol - Idiot
Dark Thoughts - I Get By
Nancy - (I'm A) Man
Quitter - Altered Flesh
Urochromes - I Don't Wanna Be Like Me
Belgrado - Kulminacja Oddzielenia
EEL - Devil Only

Enamel - We Won't Smile
Krimewatch -
Blank Spell - Echo Chamber
Empty Beings - Culture Shock
Booji Boys - I Dream Of Booji
Hairlong N Freeky - Untitled 5
Mark Cone - Come On Aileen
Uranium Club - Who Made The Man

S.L.I.P - 5:45 AM
Vexx - Do What You Want To
Mongoloid - Slam Pig
Machine Gun - Enemy
Sunshine Ward - Order
Warthog - Culture?

Bad Noids - My Friend Greg
Vanilla Poppers - Rock Bottom
The Roobydocks - I Am Going To Kill You
Rubber Mate - Floor Licker
Busch - Tartington
The Safeties - Evidence

Garth Brooks - Much Too Young (To Feel This Damn Old)
Neil Young - Saddle Up The Palomino
Kuni Kawachi & the Flower Travellin Band - Kirikyogen
Alpay - Ah! Berelim
Chumbawamba - Dutiful Servants and Political Masters

D Leopardo Industrial Music Co. - Wicker Park
Prince - Bambi
Nasty Facts - Drive My Car
The Cryers - (It's Gonna Be) A Heartbreaker
The Records - Sta rry Eyes
Institute - Salt

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