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Episode 86

The episodes come out of sequence as I loosen my grip on sanity and find myself exploring the dream world for the first time in years. What does this mean for you the auditory consumer? Nothing. Just try to enjoy what it is we have here and bear with the long trailing words I so foolishly string together. Worry not that they are not comprehensible in this subset of inter-dimensional frenzy their true value lie in the sonic pieces I present to you from today's hottest groups and the best combos of punk's past. Back to unscrambling my brain's cryptic outpourings and patching the guise of humanity I so poorly slink behind.  

Episode 85 will be up next week.

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Blood Pressure - BPHCFU
Tarantula - Adams & Kilpatrick
Pura Mania - Rey De Ratas
Spotting - IIIII
Rik - Nothing New
Phoebe - Brain Tumor
Fex Urbis - What's Going On With You?
U-Nix - Clout

Uranium Club - Operation Pt. II
Devil Master - The Devil Master(Devil Is Your Master)
Glitter - Icing On The Cake
Het Ward - Sinking
Sick Head - Wet Cement
Diamond Hairbrush - Oreo

Arson - Coho? Coho!
Lubricants - Activated Energy
Mutants - Backyard Boys
Table - Do The Standing Still
Dress Up As Natives - Grover
Spiny Norman's Mind Games - Don't Take The Car(You'll Kill Yourself)
Nihilstics - Kill Yourself

Exotica - Leech
Enamel - Leech
Hoax - Leech
TV Freaks - Leeches
Verbal Abuse - Leeches

Mommy - How To Act At Funerals
Good Throb - Acid House
Pillsbury Hardcore - Pot Is Lame
Rock Bottom and The Spys - Rich Girl
Eyes - Go Go Bee
Le Feles - Rouge Comme Le Sang

The Crazy World of Arthur Brown - Fire
Digits - Winubee
Eddie & The Hot Rods - Do Anything You Wanna Do
Tim Maia - Brother, Father, Siter and Mother
Black Sabbath - Lord Of This World(Studio Outtake)


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