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Episode 87

We sift through the noise pollution and echo chamber(s) of the internet to see what has turned up in punk and what is worth mulling over again. As always a dive into other styles of outsider music and one sided discussions of the value of life on this planet and of course burritos. Let us waste time and expend brain cells together for as long as you can stand it.

Never forget: Support these artist by buying their music and going to see them live.

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Booji Boys - Sister
Urochromes - T.O.A.P.
G.S.B. - Telephone Bore
Liquids - Dead Meat
The Stranger - Decay
Radiation Risks - Help! by The Beatles

Saba - Church/Liquor Store(feat. Noname)
Noname - Diddy Bop (feat. Raury & Cam O'bi)
Jean Grae - Kill Screen
Princess Nokia - Green Line
Karol Conka - Boa Noite

Prevaricators - I'm So Cool
The Cowboys - Teenage Life
The Hot Nasties - I Am A Confused Teenager
The Strand - Popular Girl
Crash Street Kids - Into You

Chiller - Negative Space
Remwar - Secret Police
Nosferatu - Field Of Hope
HVAC - Devil's Rope
S-21 - Brass Gavel
Agent - Endless Disposal

Generacion Suicida - Generacion Suicida
Vitovsk - Het Wandeling Van Het Vandaal
Trauma Harness - Conrfields
Move - Casa Domani
Modern English - Swans on Glass

Criminal - Criminal Bootboys
No Class - Boot Boys
Cinderblock - Blood On My Boots
Rogue Trooper - Boots On the Ground
Slaughter & the Dogs - Where Have All the Boot Boys Gone?

Njena Redd Foxx - Needful Things
Princess Nokia - Tomboy
JunglePussy - Cream Team

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