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Episode 88

We listen to what's new in punk and hardcore, sampling records that just came out as well as some that are yet to be released. The beginnings of an examination of the year 1977 starting with a lot of great singles that are turning 40 this year. Expect more '77 fanboying in the future as I am a lonely nerd who loves themes no matter how loose they may be. As always, please support the bands that you like on here by buying their records, going to see them live and telling your friends about them. Punk doesn't work without the help of community so go do something and be a part of it. 

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F.I.T.S. - These Walls Are Made of Shit
Acrylics - Despair
Exit Order - Seed of Hysteria
Nurse - Foreign Objets
Rixe - Tenter Le Diable
Bad Breeding - The More The Merrier

S.L.I.P. - Dream Desire (You're My)
Peace Talks the Electric Word Life Band - Getting Off on Acting Out
Chiller - Blood Ritual
Blood Pressure - New Song 3
Concealed Blade - Never Heard
D.O.G. - Empty Inside
EEL - Shambling Ghoul

Buzzcocks - Boredom
New Hearts - Just Another Teenage Anthem
Carpettes - Cream of the Youth
Babeez - Dowanna Love
Menace - Insane Society
The Nosebleeds - Facist Pigs
Waitresses - Clones
Desperate Bicycles - Handlebars

Nick Normal - Narc Winters
Una Bestia Incontrolable - Metamorfosi
Hard Leather - Iron Bells
Obedience - Bombs For Peace
Oblivionation - Own Up or Shut Up
Subversive Rite - Feed The Beast
Mask - You're Next
Devil Master - Sex With Seccubus
Nosferatu - New Hope

Subhumans - Big Brother
Philippine Violators - Can't Stand Being Exploited
Suburban Studs - No Faith
Schematix - Nothing Special
Alan Milman Sect - Stitches In My Head/I Wanna Kill Somebody
Starshooter - Pun Up Blonde
Plummet Airline - It's Hard

Pseudo Echo - His Eyes
Alice Cooper - He's Back(The Man Behind the Mask)

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