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Episode 89

We drift together through the cosmos picking up some neat sound waves along the way. We jam our heads full of punk both past and present and take in some other tasty noises to round out our audio indulgence. The universe continues to expand and with it our consciousness so sit back and enjoy some room temperature liquid  and let your brain fill up with this weeks cacophonous reverberations.

As always, support these bands by buying their records and going to see them live. Now start your own band, start your own podcast, go outside, explore the world we are trapped in and let your fucking freak flag fly.

Listen here on iTunes, Mixcloud and Stitcher.


Exit Order - Mass Panic
Exotica - Depresion
Rik & The Pigs - Gimme Mick
Booji Boys - Sad Solo
Erik Nervous - (Do The) Stimulate
Plastic - Brain Damage

The Fingers - Isolation
Ice & The Iced - We've Had Enough
The Freeze - Refrigerator Heaven
The Victims - TV Freak
The Tights - Cracked
Randoms - Let's Get Rid of NY
The Grackles - Who Need Wildlife Anyway?

Ultra - Rojo
S.H.I.T. - Information
F.I.T.S. - Stupid Garbage Society
PMS 84 - Zero Tolerance
Mask - Evil Eye
Blank Spell - Plastic Devil
Rixe - Hecatombe
HVAC - Climb

TT-Task - Mitt Liv
Totalitar - Vanlig Vamjelig Vardag
Corrosion Of Conformity - Kiss Of Death
Fatigue - Pathetic People
Lackey Die - No Choice
Defex - Machine Gun Love
Rat Cafeteria - Kill
Inactivist - Fffffkill

Datenight - Can't Control Myself
The Mirvs - Yes We Have No Beers
Aborted Tortoise - Gett Off The Road
Ratsia - Ole Hyva Nyt
Brainz - Elementary Monster
The Narcs - Long Hot Summer

Herbie Hancock - Watermelon Man
Funkadelic - I Got A Thing, You Got A Thing, Everybody's Got A Thing
David Bowie - Fame


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