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Episode 90

I spread my consciousness like a putrid jam over the peaks and valleys of noise laid out before you. You can hear my train of thought slowly rumble to life and build momentum only to hit a snag in the rails and crumble like a dried out sand castle. 

But really what does any of it mean? We are gathered together to discover new music not to be punished by my half witted ramblings. The state of our existence is increasingly bleak and this forced evolution seems only to be bringing us closer to some forced finale. Digging my nose into music seems to be the only thing that isn't moderately depressing in the tidal wave of zeros and ones I am surrounded by. Hopefully you also can find some solace in these sound waves but know that they aren't a cure all for a shitty world. It helps to stop what you are doing, breath in your surroundings and allow yourself to be bored without the endless stress of information overload. Or maybe I'm just some asshole who is over stepping his bounds and should just tell you to support the bands and shut his stupid mouth.

Listen on iTunes, Mixcloud and Stitcher. 

Muff Divers - Robot in a Movie Theater
Mala Leche - Risas Rabiosas
Haircut - Better Off
Anxiety - Human Hell
Fex Urbis - What's Going On With You?
Trauma Harness - Ghost of a Flea
Marbled Eye - Dirt

Short Order- All My Friends Joined the Army
Exit Order - Electric Shock
Culture Shock - Lone Wolves
86 Gemini - My Love
Candy - Burning Towers
Drool - I Don't Want
Socialcide - Unapproachable
Public Trust - The Leper

The Cardboards - Electric Generator
Dress Up As Natives - Grover
Carsickness - Bill Wilkinson
Harry Wagner's Identity Crisis - Another One Night Stand
The Five - Napalm Beach
Again Again Again - A Cold Place

Razzia - Kriegszustand
Molugu - Bloody
Personality Crisis - Twilights Last Gleaming
Unwanted - Shit For Brains
Nostrils - Welfare State
Lowlife - Thinking Naturally
B.G.K. - Bite the Hand That Feeds
NOTA - Taking Away Your Rights

Look Back In Anger - Torment
Therese Rackey - Absences
Marlaria! - Your Turn To Run
Flowers for Agatha - The Common Enemy
Move - Casa Domani

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