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Episode 91

My wish to disassociate my true self from the carbon shell of a body I am imprisoned in refuses to come true. At least there is music for us to feast upon. Beyond that life is quite bleak.

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Ultra - Sangras
Orden Mundial - Lenguas Envenenadas
Malcria - Consumismo Libertario
Anti-Sex - Por Que No Te Callas?
Degenere - Azcapura Finura
Sub Space - Serpiente Maldito

Cohete - Quit
Hard Pressed - Gotta Get Out
Dirty & His Fist - Overclock
State Funeral - Tory Party Prison
Lethal Dose - Won't Play
Face Up To It! - Copwatch
Rixe - Condamne

Hitler SS - No Solution
Tampere SS - Sunnuntai-ilta
Crude SS - Forced Values
Tempe SS - Heroin Heaven
Attack SS - Ideal Future By Our Hands
Fuck SS - Trend On

Litovsk - Resist
Criminal Code - Mocking Shadows
Belliclose Minds - Tension Building
The Garden - Treeman of Barcelona
Lowlife - A Sullen Sky

The Muff Divers - I Don't Wanna Be
Caveman Movies - Caligula
Bleeders - Kinkster
B.D. - China Doll
Bergenfield Four - To My Insurance Broker
Endless Grinning Skulls - Am I Right Or Am I Wrong?
MG 15 - Derecho A La Vida
Edge of Etiquette - I Hate You

Patty Loveless - I Miss Who I Was With You

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