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Episode 92

Johnny jabberjaw let's his lips flap for another hour as he tries to ingratiate his thoughts into your cerebral cortex. As far as music goes we jam some crucial 77 punk bands from Australia, listen to the hottest new demos and of course rehash all your favorite & forgotten KBD masterpieces. 

As always support these groups by buying their records and going to see them live when applicable. 

Image is a collaboration between 4NR & Solo Jazz. 

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Tarantula - Dawning
Big Bleach - Long Groover
Judy & the Jerks - Sweet Treat (For Me)
Exotica - Passive Victim
Haircut - Better Off
The Muff Divers - Electric Ligh Xplosion/Dreams of the Gentlest Texture

The Saints - Erotic Neurotic
Babeez - Dowanna Love
Johnny Dole & the Scabs - Stuff Your Rules
The Survivors - Baby Come Back
The Last Words - Wondering Why

Bad Breeding - The More the Merrier
Bad Noids - Into the Future
Bad People - Piss + Shit/ No-no
Picock - Bad Pocket
Annihilation Time - Bad Luck
Articles of Faith - Bad Attitude

Neo Neos - Hamburgie Hill
Neos - Churchgoer's Motive
Neo Punkz - If I Watch the T.V.
Neo Boys - Never Come Down
Upright Citizens - Neo Nazis in Der B.R.D.

Syndrome 81 - Seul Contre Tous
Big Man - Big Man
Flaccid - Conscience
Sick Head - Wet Cement
Laffing Gas - Rodeo
ISS - PENiss Envy
Accident - Lone Riders of the Infinityscape
The Sharks - Freud

Tirogo - Devil's Gonna Get You
Tim Maia - E Necessario

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